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Yonec VI
She couldn’t cry forever. Eventually her keening wails died down, her throat scratched raw by the way she screamed his name again and again, and the tears stopped flowing. She had none left.
He had told her she was strong.
He was wrong.
And yet, she managed to stand again, though her legs still shook, and she even took the first step on bare feet cut up by the hard ground, then another and another. All she did was cry, she realised. All she had ever done, the only reaction she had been able to muster for the cruelties inflicted upon her, had been to cry. She couldn’t do this on her own, couldn’t he see that? If only the fall from the tower had killed her, she would have considered it a mercy. Freedom from her husband and freedom from this grief – what more did she want?
He was meant to save me, she thought brokenly. He wasn’t supposed to die. The little mod Verellus had given her dug into her palm. It was a poor substitute for him, as far as salva
:icondemon-polecat:demon-polecat 2 2
The roof :iconshel-yang:shel-yang 5,077 223
Basis On Lack Of Motivation
There’s no time to cry
Before this wasted time
Why do I
Why do I
Preserve my sanity at the detriment of this belief?
You don’t know what’s gone until it’s lost
Never thankful, but only need, to the cost of?
What you’re too afraid to admit you see
Loathing to this disgrace, this hypocrisy
Don’t be sorry
Show it by changing,
Don’t regret, if it’s only to forget mere moments later
I used to be so alive
Then lost it all at the uttering of some long lost reason not to die
If this is what you’ve left in me, then take it away
I’d rather be always broken, then stranded on this desolate pathway
This coldness is my forsaken remnant of hope
And when I melt it’s only to regret what’s been tied unto me, this rope of indignity
That suffocates me
I regret so much how I used to be
Why can’t anyone see, what this has done to me?
She got lost on the way, and then trampled on by those fore thinking adults
I’ll drink to all your earth-b
:iconmaidenofwar:maidenofwar 5 9
Motivation On Lack Of Basis
I can’t ever agree to the term ‘suffer’
When I’m not feeling anything at all
It’s so empty when you realise there’s no one there to hear your call
I’ve locked myself in
And though I hate it more than everything, I can’t evade
There is no imminent escape
There is no reason nor justification
For that obsessive addiction and fixation
I wasted this,
      and wasted….
     Too late to revert- no use trying to hurt
This anymore then it did before
I’ll envelope myself in the softest of faux beliefs, only because they are just so much more pleasing then my dreams…
If I stay for a little while longer, I can convince myself that I am not colder
But if there is no point, and no purpose to my presence
Then there is also no need to prevent my absence
I don’t have longing for that forcefully induced love, but rather what I thou
:iconmaidenofwar:maidenofwar 6 12
Prisoner Of War
I always thought that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.
But I still got proven wrong. Sometimes things don’t work out that way. Things don’t go the way you anticipate. They crash and resound loud, and take you by surprise. They alter their direction, and illustrate a perfect perversion of what you thought you might end up seeing. The only way it all makes sense, it’s all given worth, is if you can find a phrase, if you can bring out a collection of words you hand picked whilst the hope was still in blossom… In all its glory, and when its colours blinded you, for you thought it to be all true. And perhaps you were right.
And perhaps I am wrong. But I gave up on singing that song, and now the melody is only fragments, broken off chips from the past, from clips of quavers and semi-breves aligned that were ephemeral, simply not made to last. You can close your eyes tight, and kid yourself into believing you can still hear that far fetched tune… but tha
:iconmaidenofwar:maidenofwar 8 1
Far beyond the Sky 10 :iconshel-yang:shel-yang 1,553 50 stairs :iconah-miie:ah-miie 2 0 Guide the way :icongirltripped:girltripped 3,103 185



twisted devil inside sweet child
Philippines too lazy to describe myself.

Satin noose and sunday booze☆

Technical views and right-brain coups
Childhood bruise and lifetime news
Daughter of Zeus on a midnight cruise
Secret muse in digital shoes

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That's also my twitter and check out also my Online Portfolio (aside from dA, of course) that I did for school which is very sucky right now but will be changed soon. I hope.

So yeahssss follow me. Don't forget to check out my drawing account! crazythis<3<3

Sorry for the photo flood, it's been almost a year since I posted./Boo me.

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